HAProxy config tutorials

Core concepts

  • Overview

    Get an overview of how the configuration file is composed.

  • ACLs

    Use ACLs statements to control traffic and transform messages.

  • Backends

    Define server pools to service incoming requests.

  • Converters

    Converters transform the value of a fetch.

  • Defaults

    Set inheritable directive defaults for other sections.

  • Fetch methods

    Fetch methods extract information from requests.

  • Frontends

    Accept incoming connections and forward them to defined backends.

  • Global

    Define process-level directives and global configuration settings.

  • Map files

    Map keys to values to simplify complicated configuration files.

  • Stick tables

    Store data about traffic as it passes through the load balancer.

  • Variables

    Learn how variables let you store pieces of data.

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