HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.7r1


HAProxy Enterprise can email alerts to notify an administrator about HAProxy Enterprise events. When an event is generated, it is categorized under a specific level of importance. These levels range from debug (the least serious) to emergency (the most serious). You will set the level for which you want to receive alerts.

Alerts are sent when:

  • An active server is marked as down and the configured alert level is alert or lower.

  • A disabled server is marked as down and the configured alert level is 'notice' or lower.

  • A server is marked as up or enters the drain state and the configured alert level is notice or lower.

  • The option log-health-checks directive is enabled with the configured alert level as info or lower, and a health check status update occurs.

Configure mail servers

To use emails for alerts, you first configure a mailers section where you list Message Transfer Agent (MTA) servers. These servers deliver your messages to recipients. Emails are sent using the SMTP protocol. Messages are sent to each server in the list. You can define multiple mailer sections.

  1. Create a new mailers section in your configuration file with a label of your choice, such as smtp_servers.

    In the example below, we list two MTA servers:

    mailers smtp_servers
       mailer smtp1
       mailer smtp2

    A mailer line has these parameters:

    • A label, such as smtp1

    • An IP address and port

  2. Add email-alert directives to a frontend, listen, or defaults section:

       mode http
       log global
       option httplog
       timeout connect 10s
       timeout client 1m
       timeout server 1m
       # email settings
       email-alert mailers smtp_servers
       email-alert from alerts@mycompany.com
       email-alert to helpdesk@mycompany.com
       email-alert level info
       email-alert myhostname LoadBalancer1

The table below describes each email-alert option:

email-alert mailers <mailersectionname>

The mailers section to use to send emails.

email-alert from <emailaddr>

The email sender's address, also known as the From field.

email-alert to <emailaddr>

The recipient's address, also known as the To field.

email-alert level <level>

The maximum log level of messages for which email alerts will go out; The <level> can be any of these syslog levels: emerg, alert, crit, err, warning, notice, info, debug.

email-alert myhostname <hostname>

The hostname to use when communicating with mailers; by default, it is the system's hostname.

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