HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.8r1


The multi-threading model is a feature that allows HAProxy Enterprise to start multiple threads within a single process. With the multi-threading model, you benefit from the following features:

  • Information is shared between threads, such as configuration parameters, statistics, limits, and rates

  • Less health checking traffic

  • Runtime API commands become simpler compared with running in multi-process mode (e.g. nbproc) because you do not need to issue commands against multiple processes or script loops

Configure multi-threading

On platforms that support CPU affinity, multi-threading is enabled and the number of threads is automatically set to the number of CPUs the process is bound to upon startup. Otherwise, the number of threads is 1.

To change the number of threads HAProxy Enterprise runs, set the option nbthread in the global configuration section. Optionally, map threads to CPU cores using the configuration directive cpu-map.

   nbthread 4

   # bind all threads of the first process on the first 4 CPUs
   cpu-map 1/all 0-3

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