HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.7r1

Load Balancing

HAProxy Enterprise supports many features that go beyond simple load-balancing. These include caching, compression, session pesistence and more. This section describes how to enable those features.


Enable caching of server responses.

Client IP preservation

Preserve the client's source IP address when proxying traffic.


Compress responses from servers.

Device Detection

Enable device detection in HAProxy Enterprise.


Enable geolocation in HAProxy Enterprise.

Global server load balancing

Discover how to configure GSLB load balancing on HAProxy.


Load balancing traffic over various network-layer and application-layer protocols.

Response Body Injection

Insert content dynamically into an HTTP response.

Service Mesh

Deploy HAProxy Enterprise as the proxy layer in a service mesh.

Session Persistence

Route clients to the same backend server with session persistence.

Traffic Mirroring

Replicate traffic to a shadow environment.

Traffic Policing

Set rate limits that cause requests to be denied.

Traffic Shaping

Control the bandwidth of data flow to and from load balancers.

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