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ALOHA Load Balancer Virtual Appliance

Load balancing virtual appliance

For organizations, hosting providers and datacenters that have set up virtualized and/or pooled IT infrastructures such as Cloud Computing, HAProxy provides its load balancer software as a virtual appliance.

Load balancing in virtual environments

ALOHA load balancer Virtual Appliance is designed to integrate seamlessly into virtual environments or architectures designed for Cloud Computing (SaaS, IaaS or PaaS). In this version, the load balancer’s functions are available as aVMware™, Microsoft Hyper-V™, Citrix XenServer™, Red Hat™ Enterprise Virtualization, KVM (Kernel-based Virtual Machine) or Xen virtual image.

Same features as the hardware appliance version

ALOHA Load Balancer Virtual Appliance provides all the network (layer 7) and application (layer 4) load balancing features available on 1U hardware boxes. Processing performance depends on the power of the server used for load balancing.

Automated load balancer provisioning

For hosting providers, IaaS or PaaS and outsourced IT providers, that provide Cloud Computing architectures for their customers, HAProxy has developed a programming interface (API) to automate load balancer provisioning and configuration from the administration or customer portals.

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