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HAProxy 2.0 Released

HAProxy 2.0 adds a powerful set of cloud-native features as well as completely new functionality that further improves its seamless support for integration into modern architectures. In conjunction with this release we are also introducing the HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller and the powerful HAProxy Data Plane API which provides a modern REST API for configuring and managing HAProxy

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HAProxy Powers the Uptime of the Cloud Era

Load Balancing

Load balance your services at any scale and in any environment with our feature-rich application delivery controller.
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High Availability

Deliver optimal user experiences regardless of volume of visitors, number of hits, or complexity of request.
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Application Acceleration

Get faster performance by offloading CPU-intensive tasks to HAProxy like SSL termination, compression, and device detection.
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Benefit from better data sync between HAProxy instances, protection from attacks with an integrated WAF, and simplified install and upgrades.
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Detect and protect against bot threats such as web scraping, bruteforcing, vulnerability scanning, and much more.  Detect and block against malicious payloads.
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HAProxy is at the core of application delivery for some of the largest and most complex microservices architectures in the world and constantly releases new features to support these dynamic environments.
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Introducing HAProxy Enterprise

HAProxy Enterprise combines HAProxy, the world’s fastest and most widely used open-source software load balancer and application delivery controller, with enterprise class features, services and premium support.

HAProxy Enterprise is a powerful product tailored to the goals, requirements and infrastructure of modern enterprises.

Authoritative Expert Support
High Performance Modules
Web Application Firewall
Advanced DDoS and Bot Protection
Kubernetes Ingress Controller
Real Time Dashboard
Cluster-Wide Tracking and Rate Limiting
Device Intelligence and Geolocation

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HAProxy is container ready

The HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller brings the flexibility, performance and reliability of HAProxy to Kubernetes. Route to multiple services by path, automatically detect server additions, enable SSL, toggle on rate limiting and IP whitelisting. An Ingress Controller simplifies your infrastructure and avoids the cost of operating a cloud provider’s load balancer per service.

What Is Load Balancing

What Is Load Balancing

Load balancing means splitting up network traffic so that you can distribute it evenly across a group of backend servers. For example, if you run two web servers, both hosting a copy of the same website, then you can balance the traffic across them, sending half to...

Announcing HAProxy 2.5

Announcing HAProxy 2.5

Register for our live webinar to learn more about this release. HAProxy 2.5 is now available! It adds improvements to a number of areas including better usability around setting variables, more descriptive error reporting and logging, and enhanced HTTP and WebSocket...

HAProxy Products

Application delivery solutions with the utmost performance, reliability, and security at any scale and in any environment.


Enterprise-class version of HAProxy that combines the stable and cutting-edge code bases with enterprise suite of add-ons, expert support and professional services.

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Hardware Appliance

All of the power of HAProxy Enterprise in a plug-and-play hardware appliance for organizations with physical infrastructure.

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Virtual Appliance

All of the power of HAProxy Enterprise in a plug-and-play virtual appliance for organizations with virtualized infrastructure.

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Contact the authoritative experts on HAProxy who will assist you in finding the solution that best fits your needs for deployment, scale, and security.