The ALOHA 10.0 brings the following improvements:

Major Features

Upgrade to HAPEE 1.8r1, which comprises the following new and improved features:

HTTP/2 Protocol Support

HAPEE now supports HTTP/2 on the client side (i.e. the front-end sections) and can act as a gateway between HTTP/2 clients and your HTTP/1.1 and HTTP/1.0 applications.

Multi-threading Model

The multi-threading model is a feature that allows HAProxy to start multiple threads within a single process.

Server-template Configuration Directive

The server-template configuration directive allows you to instantiate a number of placeholder backend servers in a single configuration line, instead of having to add tens or hundreds of configuration lines explicitly.

Dynamic Cookies

A new keyword dynamic for the directive cookie now exists to enable cookie-based application persistence.

Improved Runtime API

The Runtime API allows administrators and automation systems to interact with HAProxy during runtime. HAProxy version 1.8 comes with further improvements and new directives.

SSL/TLS Mode Async

The OpenSSL library version 1.1.0 and above supports asynchronous I/O operations. This means that the key computation phase (the heaviest part of the TLS protocol) can be run in a non-blocking way in HAProxy.

New Sample Fetches

HAProxy can extract data from traffic passing through it. We call these functions "sample fetches". More information about sample fetches can be found under "Fetching Data Samples" in the HAPEE documentation.