Load balancing and application delivery for the Enterprise

How HAProxy Enterprise strengthens HAProxy Community

Enterprises typically have more extensive requirements when it comes to software load balancers and application delivery controllers. That’s why HAProxy Technologies takes the latest stable version of the open source HAProxy Community Edition, backports features from the development branch, adds a slew of enterprise modules and scripting features, and backs it all up with authoritative and ridiculously responsive support to deliver the HAProxy Enterprise Edition.

In this webinar presented by HAProxy Technologies, you will learn:

  • How HAProxy Enterprise Edition (HAPEE) is different from HAProxy Community Edition
  • Why HAPEE is the most up-to-date, secure, and stable version of HAProxy
  • How enterprises leverage HAPEE to scale-out environments in the cloud
  • How enterprises can increase their admin productivity using HAPEE
  • How HAPEE enables advanced DDOS protection and helps mitigate other attacks

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Webinar Information:

Scaling Load Balancing and Application Delivery for the Enterprise

Who should watch:

  • HAProxy Community Users
  • Network Engineers
  • Server Administrators
  • Security Engineers/Admins
  • Application Delivery Staff
  • DevOps Engineers