HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.7r1


HAProxy Enterprise can send and receive HTTP/3 messages over the QUIC protocol.

While earlier HTTP implementations were transported over TCP, HTTP/3 uses QUIC, a UDP-based, connectionless protocol. To support QUIC, HAProxy Enterprise must bundle a compatible SSL/TLS library. Ordinarily, the stock OpenSSL library on a Linux system will do, but in this case, we provide a specialized version of OpenSSL with the HAProxy Enterprise 2.7r1 package.

To enable HTTP/3 over QUIC, you must uninstall any prior installed instance of HAProxy Enterprise 2.7r1 and install the QUIC-compatible package.

Install the QUIC-compatible HAProxy Enterprise 2.7r1 package

This package is available for the following operating system versions:

  • Ubuntu 22.04

  • Debian 11

  • Red Hat Enterprise Linux 9

To install HAProxy Enterprise 2.7r1 with QUIC support:

  1. Uninstall any prior installed instance of HAProxy Enterprise 2.7r1.

  2. Install the QUIC-compatible HAProxy Enterprise 2.7r1 package, replacing <HAProxy Enterprise key> with your subscription key:

    $ wget https://www.haproxy.com/static/install_haproxy_enterprise.sh
    $ sudo bash ./install_haproxy_enterprise.sh \
        --version 2.7r1 \
        --key <HAProxy Enterprise key> \
  3. Update your configuration file, /etc/hapee-2.7/hapee-lb.cfg so that your frontend includes required directives:

    frontend example
      bind :80
      # Enable HTTPS
      bind :443  ssl crt /etc/hapee-2.7/certs/example.pem alpn h2
      # enables HTTP/3 over QUIC
      bind quic4@:443 ssl crt /etc/hapee-2.7/certs/example.pem alpn h3
      # Redirects to HTTPS
      http-request redirect scheme https unless { ssl_fc }
      # 'Alt-Svc' header invites client to switch to the QUIC protocol
      # Max age (ma) is set to 15 minutes (900 seconds), but
      # can be increased once verified working as expected
      http-response set-header alt-svc "h3=\":443\";ma=900;"
      default_backend webservers
  4. Enable and start the HAProxy Enterprise service:

    $ sudo systemctl enable hapee-2.7-lb
    $ sudo systemctl start hapee-2.7-lb

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