HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.7r1

show acl

List all ACLs defined in the configuration.


Use show acl to list all ACLs defined in the configuration.

In addition to the ID and file name, the show acl command shows the following acl file version information:

  • curr_ver indicates the currently active version number of the acl file.

  • next_ver indicates the version number of the temporary version (in-progress transaction) of the acl file.

  • entry_cnt indicates the number of entries in the temporary transaction version of the acl file.


In this example, we start with the following ACL expression in the configuration, which checks whether the requested URL path begins with /images/:

frontend www
   bind :80
   acl static_url path -i -m beg /static/ /images/
  1. Display a list of defined ACLs by calling show acl:

    $ echo "show acl" | \
       sudo socat stdio unix-connect:/var/run/hapee-2.7/hapee-lb.sock
    # id (file) description
    0 () acl 'path' file '/etc/hapee-2.7/hapee-lb.cfg' line 51. curr_ver=0 next_ver=0 entry_cnt=2
  2. Display ACL details by calling show acl. You can refer to the acl file using either the path or the ID. Here we use the ID.

    $ echo "show acl #0" | \
       sudo socat stdio unix-connect:/var/run/hapee-2.7/hapee-lb.sock
    0x563d5dcc3fb0 /static/
    0x563d5dcc40a0 /images/

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