HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.5r1

Real-time Cluster-wide Tracking


Get an overview of the HAProxy Enterprise Stick Table Aggregator.


Install the Stick Table Aggregator for HAProxy Enterprise.

Single-level setup

Set up a single-level, highly available cluster.

Multi-level setup

Set up a multi-level, highly available cluster.

Highly-available setup

Set up a cluster of Stick Table Aggregators configured for high-availability.

Display aggregated data

Show a table of all aggregated data.

Configure CPU affinity

Configure the CPU affinity of the Stick Table Aggregator processes.

Bind outgoing connections

Bind the aggregator's outgoing connections to a specific socket address.

Encrypt traffic

Implement mutual TLS/SSL authentication and encrypt traffic between HAProxy Enterprise nodes and the Stick Table Aggregator.

Manage the service

Manage the Stick Table Aggregator service.


Get troubleshooting information from the HAProxy Enterprise nodes.

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