HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.5r1


Display a list of available Runtime API commands.


The help command displays a list of Runtime API commands that are available, with a short description of each.

Specify an argument to list matching or relevant commands.


List commands related to the string agent.

$ echo "help agent" | \
   sudo socat stdio unix-connect:/var/run/hapee-2.5/hapee-lb.sock
The following commands are valid at this level:
disable agent                           : disable agent checks
enable agent                            : enable agent checks
get acl <acl> <value>                   : report the patterns matching a sample for an ACL
get map <acl> <value>                   : report the keys and values matching a sample for a map
get var <name>                          : retrieve contents of a process-wide variable
help [<command>]                        : list matching or all commands
prompt                                  : toggle interactive mode with prompt
quit                                    : disconnect

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