HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 2.3r1


A ring section creates a buffer in memory where log messages will be stored temporarily before being forwarded to a remote log server. This removes the need to run rsyslog on the HAProxy Enterprise server for forwarding messages to remote log servers.

ring log_buffer
   # An optional description for the ring section
   description "Buffer for request logs"

   # Number of bytes to allocate for the ring buffer; It defaults to tune.bufsize.
   size 32764

   # the remote log server address
   server mysyslogserver

   # The log format to use: iso, raw, rfc3164, rfc5424, short, timed
   format rfc3164

   # maximum length of a message to store
   # longer than this, it will be truncated
   maxlen 1200

   # how long to wait for a connection to the server to succeed
   timeout connect 5s

   # how long to wait for data to be transferred to the remote server
   timeout server 10s

Utilize the ring buffer by specifying its name on a log line:

   log ring@log_buffer local0 info

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