HAPEE (hapee-lb) Documentation 1.6r2

The HAPEE documentation set for “hapee-lb” addresses the main load balancer component of HAProxy. It targets users who install, configure, and administrate HAPEE and Aloha. It comprises the following guides:

Starter Guide 1.6r2

The HAPEE Starter Guide explains basic and advanced features of HAProxy:


  • Proxying
  • SSL
  • Monitoring
  • High availability
  • Load balancing
  • Stickiness
  • Sampling and converting information
  • Maps
  • ACLs and conditions
  • Content switching
  • Stick-tables
  • Formated strings
  • HTTP rewriting and redirection
  • Server protection
  • Logging
  • Statistics


  • Management
  • System-specific capabilities
  • Scripting

Configuration Guide 1.6r2

The HAPEE Configuration Guide covers in detail the following topics:

  • HTTP review
  • HAProxy configuration
  • Global parameters
  • Proxies
  • Bind and server options
  • HTTP header manipulation
  • ACLs and fetching samples
  • Logging
  • Supported filters

Management Guide 1.6r2

The HAPEE Configuration Guide describes the administration tasks required for HAProxy. It assumes that the user has sufficient administration skills on a UNIX-like operating system, uses the shell on a daily basis, and is familiar with troubleshooting utilities such as ‘strace’ and ‘tcpdump’.

  • HAProxy’s architecture
  • Starting HAProxy
  • Stopping and restarting HAProxy
  • File-descriptor limitations
  • Memory management
  • CPU usage
  • Logging
  • Statistics and monitoring
    • CSV format
    • Typed output format
    • Unix Socket commands
  • Tricks for easier configuration management
  • Well-known traps to avoid
  • Debugging and performance issues
  • Security considerations