Pre-installation Checklist

Before you install HAPEE, make sure that you have the following information on hand:

  • The way you want to deploy your load-balancer in your infrastructure (contact HAProxy for assistance if necessary)
  • Your HAPEE subscription and KEY

Collecting practical information before installation

Complete the tables below with the required information for installation prior to deploying HAPEE:

HAPEE servers Value
LB1 IP and netmask  
LB1 default gateway  
LB2 server IP and netmask  
LB2 default gateway  
VRRP Value
MASTER server  
MASTER priority  
SLAVE priority  
Virtual IPs  
Local processes to monitor  
HAProxy Value
Name of the front end  
Listener IPs and protocols  
SSL certificate  
Content switching rules and backend names  
Default backend  
Persistence method  
Health check  
Load-Balancing algorithm