HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.6r1

Global Profiling Engine

The Global Profiling Engine is software that collects stick table data from all HAProxy Enterprise instances in a cluster and aggregates it. It then pushes that aggregated data back to each load balancer, giving them a more accurate view of client behavior across the cluster.

For example, in an active-active load balancer configuration where traffic is relayed to two or more load balancers in a round-robin rotation, each load balancer will receive the sum of requests that a client has made, even when some of those requests were routed to the other load balancer.


Get an overview of the Global Profiling Engine.


Install the Global Profiling Engine.

Real-time Aggregation

Configure real-time aggregation of stick table data.

Historical Aggregation

Enable the aggregation and processing of historical statistics.

API Reference

View the Global Profiling Engine API Reference.

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