HAProxy Enterprise Documentation 1.5r2

Real-time Aggregation

The Global Profiling Engine collects stick table data from all HAProxy Enterprise instances in the cluster in real time. It then aggregates that data and pushes it back to all of the instances. For example, if LoadBalancer1 receives two requests and LoadBalancer2 receives three requests, the Global Profiling Engine will sum those numbers to get a total of five, then push that to both LoadBalancer1 and LoadBalancer2. This is helpful for an active/active load balancer configuration wherein the instances need to share client request information to form an accurate picture of activity across the cluster.

The aggregated data does not overwrite the data on the load balancer instances. Instead, it is pushed to secondary stick tables that have, for example, a suffix of .aggregate. You would use a fetch method to retrieve the aggregated data and perform an action, such as rate limiting.


Configure real-time aggregation of stick table data.

Multi-level setup

Set up a multi-level, highly available cluster of global profiling engines.

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