Utilize HAProxy’s RESTful Configuration or Runtime APIs to manipulate the configuration or runtime of your load balancer automatically and without risking impact to other services.

With a pure software form factor, an easily templatable configuration, and dynamic reconfiguration through the Runtime API, HAProxy integrates well with DevOps tools such as Puppet or Ansible and service discovery tools such as Consul or ZooKeeper.

Runtime API

Gives the ability to programmatically pull data from or make changes to HAProxy during runtime such as:

  • Pulling statistics for graphing or monitoring for multiple tools
  • Enabling/Disabling backends for maintenance without reloading
  • Changing backend IP’s/ports/weights
  • Updating ACL, Map, or TLS ticket key files

DNS for Service Discovery

Dynamically scales the number of backend servers by querying the service registry over DNS. Maintains the IP address, port, and weight of the servers within HAProxy.

Server Templates

Enables the provisioning of multiple backend servers with a single server line to be filled in during runtime.

Extensive Logging

Logs information about requests via syslog; including http request information, reasons why the request failed to complete, request timing, and custom fields.

Update Module (LB and TLS)

Updates maps, ACLs and TLS ticket key files in memory automatically during runtime from any HTTP(S) server.

Real Time Dashboard

Provides a view of your service’s health, rates, and load along with aggregation of stats across multiple instances. In addition, it facilitates administrative tasks such as enabling, disabling and draining backends.

Configuration API (CLI and REST)

Gives the ability to programmatically add, modify, or remove sections of your configuration over the command line or HTTP and keep services separated with multi tenancy support.

Stick Table Aggregator

Provides realtime aggregated values from stick tables across multiple processes or servers in a cluster which allows for realtime cluster-wide tracking

SSO Module

Enables the implementation of SSO (Single Sign On) on a Microsoft Active Directory domain.

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