version 2.2r1

2020/11/23 : 2.2r1 (1.0.0-232.59) - BUG/MEDIUM: http-ana: Don't eval http-after-response ruleset on empty messages - BUG/MINOR: ssl: segv on startup when AKID but no keyid 2020/11/18 : 2.2r1 (1.0.0-232.57) - MINOR: hapee: Update the list of hapee patches - BUG/MINOR: http-ana: Don't wait for the body of CONNECT requests - BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Forward all filtered data at the end of http filtering - BUILD: http-htx: fix build warning regarding long type in printf - MINOR: peers: Add traces to peer_treat_updatemsg(). - REGTEST: make ssl_client_samples and ssl_server_samples require to 2.2 - MINOR: cfgparse: tighten the scope of newnameserver variable, free it on error. - MINOR: config/mux-h2: Return ERR_ flags from init_h2() instead of a status - MINOR: init: Fix the prototype for per-thread free callbacks - BUG/MINOR: tcpcheck: Don't warn on unused rules if check option is after - MINOR: spoe: Don't close connection in sync mode on processing timeout - BUG/MAJOR: spoe: Be sure to remove all references on a released spoe applet - BUG/MINOR: http-htx: Handle warnings when parsing http-error and http-errors - MINOR: check: report error on incompatible connect proto - MINOR: check: report error on incompatible proto - BUG/MEDIUM: check: reuse srv proto only if using same mode - BUG/MINOR: http-fetch: Fix calls w/o parentheses of the cookie sample fetches - BUG/MINOR: http-fetch: Extract cookie value even when no cookie name - BUG/MEDIUM: peers: fix decoding of multi-byte length in stick-table messages - BUG/MINOR: peers: Missing TX cache entries reset. - BUG/MINOR: peers: Do not ignore a protocol error for dictionary entries. - BUG/MINOR: lua: set buffer size during map lookups - BUG/MINOR: pattern: a sample marked as const could be written - DOC: config: Fix a typo on ssl_c_chain_der - BUG/MINOR: ssl: double free w/ smp_fetch_ssl_x_chain_der() - MINOR: ssl: add ssl_{c,s}_chain_der fetch methods - BUG/MINOR: http-htx: Just warn if payload of an errorfile doesn't match the C-L - MINOR: http-htx: Add understandable errors for the errorfiles parsing - BUG/MINOR: ssl: don't report 1024 bits DH param load error when it's higher - BUG/MEDIUM: server: make it possible to kill last idle connections 2020/11/04 : 2.2r1 (1.0.0-231.27) - MINOR: hapee: the EXTRAVERSION patch was also backported - BUILD: makefile: add an EXTRAVERSION variable to ease local naming - CLEANUP: mux-h2: Remove the h1 parser state from the h2 stream - BUG/MEDIUM: stick-table: limit the time spent purging old entries - BUG/MINOR: filters: Skip disabled proxies during startup only - BUG/MEDIUM: mux-pt: Release the tasklet during an HTTP upgrade - MINOR: server: Copy configuration file and line for server templates - BUG/MINOR: server: Set server without addr but with dns in RMAINT on startup - BUG/MINOR: checks: Report a socket error before any connection attempt - BUG/MINOR: proxy/server: Skip per-proxy/server post-check for disabled proxies - BUG/MEDIUM: filters: Don't try to init filters for disabled proxies - BUG/MINOR: cache: Inverted variables in http_calc_maxage function - BUG/MINOR: cache: Manage multiple values in cache-control header value - MINOR: ist: Add a case insensitive istmatch function - BUG/MINOR: lua: initialize sample before using it - BUG/MINOR: server: fix down_time report for stats - BUG/MINOR: server: fix srv downtime calcul on starting - BUG/MINOR: log: fix risk of null deref on error path - BUG/MINOR: log: fix memory leak on logsrv parse error - BUG/MINOR: extcheck: add missing checks on extchk_setenv() - BUG/MEDIUM: ssl: OCSP must work with BoringSSL - Revert "MINOR: ssl: 'ssl-load-extra-del-ext' removes the certificate extension" - BUG/MAJOR: mux-h2: Don't try to send data if we know it is no longer possible - BUG/MINOR: http-ana: Don't send payload for internal responses to HEAD requests - BUG/MEDIUM: server: support changing the slowstart value from state-file - BUG/MINOR: queue: properly report redistributed connections - MINOR: ssl: 'ssl-load-extra-del-ext' removes the certificate extension 2020/10/22 : 2.2r1 (1.0.0-230.0)

HAPEE-LB 2.2r1 – Changelog
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