Quick start guide
HAPEE ADC for Business in Amazon

Each new HAPEE instance has the latest version of HAPEE Application Delivery Controller for business configured and running.

  1. Verify your Installation

    • Run this command to verify you installation
      $ systemctl status hapee-1.8-lb
  2. Configure Systemd

    • Systemd is an init system used to bootstrap the user space and subsequently manage all processes.
    • The Bootstrap Process Configuration for HAPEE is located at /etc/hapee-1.8 and consists of hapee-lb.cfg file.
    • The documentation for systemd service management is available here.
  3. Use the Command Line Interface (CLI) to interact with HAPEE

    • CLI management is available through HAPEE binary (more documentation is available here and here).For example:
      $ hapee status lb
  4. Configure HAPEE

    • Full documentation on the configuration rules can be found here.
    • By default, the instance is fully optimized (as documented here) with regards to CPU affinities, recommended software stack, and network interrupt pinning.
  5. Configure Security Modules

    • The complete documentation for security modules is available only from the HAProxy Customer Portal. Please activate your Support at https://www.haproxy.com/amazon-support-activation for access to the Customer Portal and documentation on how to load and use your security modules.
  6. Understand and Use the REST API

    • REST API service is also available. Its documentation is located here.
    • Typically, default Security Group allows HTTP (tcp/80) and HTTPS (tcp/443), so additional ports on front ends need additional permissive inbound rules.
  7. Contact us to activate your support

    • Please get in touch with us and activate your support here.