Work for HAProxy Technologies

Work at HAProxy Technologies, the company behind the world’s most widely used software load balancer and application delivery controller.

Trusted by leading cloud providers such as Amazon Web Services and serving as the reference load balancer in OpenStack, HAProxy sets the standard for superior application delivery.

Technical Writer

Marketing Department

As a technical writer in the Marketing department, you’ll write website copy, blog posts, datasheets and other content that introduces the HAProxy brand to potential customers and forms a lasting impression that reflects the company’s professionalism and ingenuity. Technical writers demystify new software features, draw logical connections between our software and trends brewing in the industry, and see through the eyes of the customer. They write documents that help customers understand our products, often through technical tutorials, while framing complex technologies in simple terms.

You will collaborate with graphic designers, software engineers, and product managers to write blog posts, press releases, website copy, brochures and e-books that educate readers about our products and services. This often requires you to write code samples, provision virtual machine test labs, and quickly get up to speed on supporting technologies and best practices. Great content relies on the ability to educate, while also balancing the needs of company stakeholders, including Sales and Business Development. You should be able to write using the voice of the company, staying on message, but always with the goal of engaging the reader.


  • Write clear and engaging website copy, blog posts, press releases, and other marketing content that targets either a highly technical audience or a layman, such as business managers and corporate decision makers, depending on the campaign
  • Proofread and edit documents written by others, with the ability to test code samples and procedures for accuracy
  • Work closely with subject matter experts to identify gaps in our content
  • Write tutorials with code and configuration samples that showcase new product features or existing capabilities of HAProxy Technologies software, including HAProxy Enterprise, HAProxy ALOHA, HAProxy Kubernetes Ingress Controller, and HAProxy Edge

Desirable Skills and Knowledge

  • Strong writing skills relevant for blog posts, datasheets, website copy, and other forms of marketing content, with a knack for going beyond the technical details and telling a compelling story
  • A desire to teach others and to make complex topics simple
  • A love of grammar and the discipline to edit a document until it flows naturally
  • The ability to craft messages that fulfill the end user’s needs, while also promoting the company’s goals, messages, and products
  • Experience using Linux
  • Experience setting up virtual machines and Docker containers
  • Familiarity with Git or another version control system, including working with branches, creating merge requests, and resolving merge conflicts
  • Hands-on coding experience with a modern programming language such as Go, Lua or Python
    Experience with a structured documentation format such as Markdown or reStructuredText
  • Familiarity with the HAProxy load balancer is a plus

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Location: Boston, MA or Remote

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