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HAProxy Technologies is the company behind the world’s fastest and most widely used software load balancer. We’re a unique collection of talented and passionate people with a shared vision of simplifying the complexity of modern application architectures. HAProxy Enterprise is already an integral piece of the world’s top tech companies with its enterprise class features, services and premium support. HAProxy One, our newest product line, will deliver modern websites and applications with the utmost performance, security and observability at any scale regardless of the environment.

About The Team

In order to meet our ambitious goals, we are searching for a technical writer to join our Documentation team to create external documentation for our constantly evolving products (HAProxy Enterprise, HAProxy ALOHA, HAProxy Edge, and HAProxy Enterprise Kubernetes Ingress Controller). We believe that robust documentation is essential for building an excellent customer experience. It also provides timely information to other teams within our organization: Support, Sales, and Marketing all rely on good documentation!

What you will do in this role:

  • Learn new software features as they are released and experience the product from a user’s perspective. Often that includes installing the software, and getting first-hand knowledge of how a feature works.
  • Translate complex product requirements documents, technical design and implementation specifications into simple and easily understandable documentation that is consistent with the target audience.
  • Communicate with product owners and engineers, ask them detailed questions that customers would ask, and boil down complex topics into procedures that are easy to follow.
  • Understand why the features were added and what business challenges the new functionality addresses.
  • Create user guides, online help, process documentation, functional specs and in-product support as needed.
  • Write content using RestructuredText and the static website generator, Jekyll. Utilize Git for source control and version/revision management.
  • Ensure documentation is properly maintained, categorized and meets regulatory requirements.

What you will bring to this role:

Since our documentation targets system administrators, network administrators, and DevOps professionals, the ideal candidate will have a thorough understanding of the IT industry and the tools used therein including a solid understanding of computer networking, Linux, and web server administration.


  • University degree in communications, Computer Science or related field
    3-5 years of experience as a Technical Writer
  • Working knowledge of using the terminal (bash) and computer networking (TCP/IP, HTTP, web servers)
  • Experience with Containers/Virtualization (Docker, VirtualBox, Vagrant)
  • Strong English communications skills – written/verbal
  • A background in documentation writing is preferrable
  • Ability to work under pressure and to easily flow with changes to priorities and projects
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team in a high-performance organization


  • Experience with writing user-facing technical documentation
  • Experience with RestructuredText or other Markdown languages will help the right candidate onboard quickly

We practice Documentation-as-Code, meaning that we:

  • Store docs as source files in Git version control.
  • Use merge requests to collaborate on files and integrate new content into the final version.
  • Enable CI/CD pipelines to test, lint, and publish the files to our online, production website automatically.
  • Write content using modern text editors, such as Visual Studio Code.
  • Write using the markup languages Markdown and RestructuredText (we do not use Microsoft Word or other word processing software when creating the final version of documentation).
  • Leverage open-source tools to build our workspaces, including VirtualBox, Vagrant, and Linux.
  • Use GitLab and kanban boards to track our day-to-day assigned tasks.

What do people like about the role?

  • The ability to roll up your sleeves and work with tech: load balancing, Linux, cloud platforms, web servers, and a variety of other open-source and commercial software.
  • The chance to teach others by breaking down complex, technical topics into clear writing that gives the reader an Aha! Moment.

The Position

Our team is remote and team members work from the United States, Canada, France, United Kingdom, Spain, Croatia, and Bosnia.

Great Benefits

Wherever you are located, we put our employees and their families first by offering top of the line health and wellness coverage.


Being on the cutting edge of technology, employees have great opportunities to upskill and learn a vast array of technologies. Our goal is to promote your professional development and help you progress along one of our multiple career paths.

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