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ALOHA Load Balancer Appliance Rack 1U

ALOHA load balancer: plug-and-play application-level load balancing appliance

ALOHA Load Balancer Appliance Rack 1U is designed for companies that want a dedicated, plug-and-play and high-performance system to balance application flows and guarantee high availability of their mission critical application platforms and servers.

Affordable price

The use of pre-packaged, tested open source components combined with tested, optimized and reliable hardware platforms is why ALOHA load balancing hardware appliances have one of the best performance/features/price ratios on the market.

Processing performance tailored to your needs

With 5 different boxes, processing power is tailored to each need. The ALOHA LB 50K model can process up to 50,000 HTTP connections per second and support up to 200,000 hits per second.

Low energy footprint

HAProxy selects ultra-low power consumption processors and electrical components (from 5 to 110 Watts at full capacity) for its hardware appliances.
Fanless, they emit little heat and reduce server room air conditioning requirements accordingly.

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