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HAProxy Enterprise Edition - HAPEE

Prepackaged and Enhanced Version of HAProxy Open Source Software with Enterprise Maintenance and Support

HAPEE­- HAProxy Enterprise Edition -­includes all the more commonly used additional modules of HAProxy, the leading high-availability load balancing open source software, in an optimized packaged version for simpler implementation and maintenance. It comes as a subscription that also includes support and expert assistance from HAProxy Technologies, to bring you the best of the open source software backed by our enterprise class support.

HAPEE: A Stable and Scalable Solution

HAPEE is made up of a set of validated and compatible modules and scripts often used in conjunction with HAProxy and which are providing several essential features for the reliability and performance of your application platforms. HAProxy Technologies team integration work will avoid many deployment problems (management of dependent libraries, conflicts with other software or existing HAProxy installs, etc.) and will save you a substantial amount of time and effort.

Full Professional Support

From the start, HAProxy Technologies experts have acquired an in-depth knowledge of HAProxy, the maintainer of the opensource version is one of the co-founder of our company. Our support team, is available through numerous channels in order to meet your needs: Web forms, mailing lists, IRC, phone, or e-mail.

Additional Services Available From HAProxy Technologies

With HAProxy Enterprise Edition, customers receive additional services provided by a software vendor with proven expertise in open source software and a direct access to software developers: such as support, corrective and upgrading maintenance and help desk. Beyond that, you may benefit from our HAProxy dedicated professional services to assist you in setting up, manage or fine tune your platforms.

HAPEE Compared to HAProxy Community

HAPEE brings the following additional features:
  • Backport and support of some features available in next version of HAProxy
    • Dynamic type casting for any input sample
    • 18 new table lookup converters
    • Session trackers in http-request ruleset
  • Loadable module support, with the following modules available:
    • Botnet protection
    • Browser Fingerprinting
    • Content (ACLs, maps) auto-update
    • Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection
  • Supported third party software
    • Keepalived (VRRP)
    • Bird (Route Health Injection)
    • Net-snmp server (64 bits)
  • Advanced configuration for packages provided by distributions
    • Net-snmp server
    • Rsyslog
  • Operating system tuning

Why Choose HAPEE:

  • Reputation: HAProxy is largely used Worldwide and in some of the most demanding and renown platforms.
  • Reliability: Not even one security vulnerability has been found since the product was launched 12 years ago.
  • Ease of use: Every module is pre-configured and validated for your environment.
  • Flexibility: Easy to integrate in a cloud environment.
  • Security: You control your update and security policy.
  • Low cost: Excellent price / performance ratio and extensive features.
  • Scalable: May be deployed and dimensioned according to your needs.
  • Assistance: Unrivaled HAProxy expertise from a proactive and bilingual (French/English) team
  • Extensions: Security focused modules adapted to each business activity.

Two different subscription plans to meet your needs

The two HAProxy Enterprise Edition subscription plans (Business and Premium) were designed to allow each company to find the appropriate level of features and services based on its needs, legacy infrastructure and skills.


HAProxy Enterprise Edition Annual Subscription

  • Technical Support

    HAPEE Business (Business Hours) - HAPEE Premium (24/7)

  • Enterprise Essentials Suite

    Configuration API, RHI, Configuration Scripts, SNMP, Log, VRRP, LB Update Botnet, Fingerprinting, Advanced Persistence Threat

  • HAProxy Enterprise Load Balancer
    • HAProxy Core Product
      (Stable Branch)
    • Backported Features & Bug Fixes
      (from Dev Branch)
    • Module Support
 HAPEE BusinessHAPEE Premium
HAProxy included v1.6 v1.6
Supported version(1) V minus 3 years V minus 3 years
HAProxy version Enterprise Enterprise
ServicesHAPEE BusinessHAPEE Premium
Support Hours Business Hours 24x7
Critical Issue - Target Response Time 8 hours 30 minutes
Moderate Issue - Target Response Time 2 Days
Informational Issue - Target Response Time 3 Days
Communication Web, Email, Phone Web, Email, Phone
Authorized Contacts 2 5
Consultative Support  
Maintenance and updates
Enterprise Essentials SuiteHAPEE BusinessHAPEE Premium
Route Health Injection
Content auto-update (LB Update)
Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) protection
Botnet Protection
Browser Fingerprinting
Log Management
Optimization scripts
Advanced statistics (HALog)
Monitoring (SNMP)
Measurement templates (Cacti)
SSL management
High availability (VRRP)
HAPEE Subscription



1 Year Subscription

Purchase or
Request Volume Pricing



1 Year Subscription

Purchase or
Request Volume Pricing

time period limited to official support of underlying distributions.

Terms & definitions

Maintenance Release
A combination of Patches gathered over a period of time and distributed as a service pack.
A patch is a fix; it can either be a work around or a fix to a certain bug in the Software.
Target Resolution Times
The amount of time HAProxy estimates that it will take to deliver a Work-around.
Target Response Times
The amount of time elapsed between the initial contact of Customer and the initial response by HAProxy.
Critical Issue
Substantial impact to the core functionality for which Software is used; or Software is unusable; or Customer unable to achieve a Workaround
Moderate Issue
Software utility or functionality is impacted, in whole or in part, but Software not unusable
Informational Issue
Minor malfunctions of Product with limited impact to utility and/or functionality; or General assistance with Software configuration (only rendered by HAProxy remotely)
A solution that resolves a technical issue with the Software.

A Critical Issue support issues initiated by web or e-mail must be accompanied by a phone support request.

Based on order form. Orders contracted with France will be on CET, all others will be based on Eastern Standard Time.

Supported distribution

  • CentOS 5, 6, 7
  • Debian 6, 7
  • RedHat 5, 6, 7
  • Ubuntu 14.04
Other distributions may be supported, upon request.

Main Features

Load balancing

  • Numerous balancing algorithms may be applied by server or by server group, with weighting
  • Content switching: request routing based on their content
  • SSL (one of the best SSL stack on the market)
  • Multi criteria session persistence management
  • HTTP header management via access control lists (ACL)
  • Support web services and web sockets

High availability

  • Smooth server shutdown and startup
  • Overload protection
  • Continuous server monitoring
  • High availability (VRRP / Route Health Injection)

Application performance

  • HTTP compression
  • Management of server logs in offload mode
  • Traffic analytic logs with customizable log format
  • TCP/HTTP acceleration via buffering
  • Dynamic connection control
  • Early release of connections
  • no limit in number of servers, farms, services (validated in production with 300.000 of each object)


  • Reverse-Proxy
  • Protocol validation
  • Information leaks prevention
  • Protection against DoS, DDoS, worms, brute force, backdoor and Advanced persistent threat (APT)
  • Real time behavior analysis
  • Management of white/blacklists and URL restrictions
  • Filtering of HTTP / HTTPS queries and replies

Integration and administration

  • Protocol compliance
  • full support of IPv6
  • syslog
  • proxy protocol (Amazon ELB, nginx, ...)
  • Integration with standard operating systems
  • Backwards compatible with HAProxy configurations
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