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Application Delivery Controller and Load Balancing Solutions

Exceliance load balancers are designed to improve performance, guarantee quality of service and ensure applications high availability by dynamically and smartly balancing requests on the company’s various servers or even datacenters.

Developed using HAProxy open source load balancer software, Exceliance solutions have one of the best performance/features/price ratios. They are known for their extreme reliability and are used in front of high traffic servers in many industries, including e-commerce, finance, retail, energy, government, hosting providers, Cloud providers (PaaS, IaaS and SaaS) and outsourced IT providers.

Out of the box load balancers

With ALOHA (Application Level Optimization & High Availability) load balancer, Exceliance offers reliable, comprehensive and turnkey applications load balancing software.

To meet companies’ needs, ALOHA load balancers are available in three different formats:

  • Ultra-low power consumption, 1U rackable hardware appliances,
  • Virtual appliance    for    VMware™, Microsoft Hyper-V™, Citrix XenServer™, Red Hat™ EV, KVM or Xen hypervisors
  • Appliance embedded on SDD, bootable on major commercial servers

Unlike its main competitors, which are often out of reach because of their complexity, overload of features and cost, ALOHA load balancers cover 100% of the needs for 95% of companies, are easy to run and manage, and are available at an affordable price.

HAProxy related services

With HAProxy Enterprise Edition (HAPEE), Exceliance offers a packaged version of HAProxy open source load balancing software and its major companion tools, bundled with a subscription for professional support and software maintenance and updates.

Three bundles are available to meet companies’ requirements : Starter, Business and Premium.